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In 2003, Bobby Menges was diagnosed with cancer. While he ultimately passed away peacefully in 2017, the life of service and relentless positivity he lead left an unforgettable legacy, prompting the I’m Not Done Yet Foundation‘s creation.

The INDYF supports adolescent and young adult patients with cancer and other serious, chronic, and long-term illnesses as they transition into adulthood. To help raise funds for the organization an apparel directive was launched, focusing on embodying Bobby’s spirit of joy and vibrant independence.

In order to increase brand engagement and reach a variety of potential consumers, designs spanned a wide range of styles. I was tasked primarily with illustrative and type-based explorations. While the team put together upwards of 50 designs, these are a few of my favorites.
Studio: Big-Giant
Role: Designer
Creative Direction: Jason Bacon

Graphic, Apparel